About us

Our History

Montessori Village was born in Madrid in 2011 and today we are a network of nursery schools based on Montessori pedagogy. We cover the stages of Nido (0 to 18 months), Infant Community (18 to 36 months) and Children’s House (3 to 6 years).

We follow the principles of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), which has maintained the quality standard of the pedagogy since its foundation in 1929.


We are a network of educational centers for early childhood (0-6 years) that offers families spaces of care and learning for their children, faithful to the philosophy and methodology spread by the pedagogue Maria Montessori.


We want to be centers of reference in early childhood development because of the value and lasting effects of our interventions on learning and academic motivation.
We would love to actively participate in a shift towards new educational models that offer tools for children to be autonomous in learning and not passive to new concepts.


  • Quality of service
  • Competence of our staff
  • Familiar, calm and safe environment
  • Confidence in the child’s abilities
  • Respect for the uniqueness of each child
    Social and ecological awareness

“Both María Giménez and I, founders of the Montessori Village project and friends for more than fifteen years, are mothers and we are very aware of the importance of the educational environment for our children and their environment.

Today, education in our country is suffering a deep crisis that affects both the quality of teaching and the loss of basic values in our society. We believe that little by little we are losing the professional vocation in schools, and families are being dragged by contradictory currents that speak of “learning by playing” as opposed to educational values of “effort and demand” that have given way to many hours at the desk and many tasks at home, even in the first cycles of schooling.

When we discovered Montessori pedagogy we understood that it offered something beyond the classroom. It offers children tools to be autonomous in learning, to learn to make decisions, and to respect the decisions of others, … The Montessori child knows how to question, explore and investigate by himself. In addition, discipline is a precondition for freedom, and therefore gives so much importance to individual work and personal responsibility.

Knowing the powerful tool that Maria Montessori’s legacy means in early childhood, we have created this wonderful project to promote children’s independence, so that they know how to choose, know their potential and exploit it.

Of course families are an active part of our project, because the Montessori philosophy should never stay in the school, it should be part of the family and life.”

Ana Monmeneu