Our Children’s Home environment welcomes children from 3 to 6 years old.
It is a space adapted to all your development and growth needs, accompanied by a certified Montessori Guide and an assistant that will accompany you during your learning all these years.

In this environment, the age mix acquires great protegonism. Teamwork becomes apparent when the elders help and teach the children who, absorbed and observers, learn each movement of their peers.

At all times children are free to work with the materials they want. Each morning they go to the area that appeals to them most, where they learn to use the materials guided by the teacher.

Children can work in the environment with materials and activities of practical life, sensory, mathematics and language.
They can read and watch stories in the reading area, go to the relaxation area or explore in the science area.
We also have outside outdoor activities.

We greatly encourage teamwork and the great community that forms the school and that is why children are responsible for common tasks such as making bread, setting the table, re-cutting organic waste and collaborating with the basic routines of the center.

In Children House classroom there is always an English speaking bilingual person.