Corporate Social Responsabilty

Montessori Village is committed to actions that generate opportunities in our local communities.
We have a strong commitment, both socially and environmentally, to our community.

Only in this way can we live in a more just and sustainable world for our future generations. We want to be an engine of change and instill in children solidarity and commitment in their way of living and being in the world around them.


We collaborate with associations such as the Vicente Ferrer Foundation or Ayuda en Acción, on proposals related to access to education for the most disadvantaged children as well as improving their living conditions.

Every year, Montessori Village holds a charity market, where the entire educational community participates. All proceeds are used to give these children a better future.

Montessori Village works actively with Banco de Alimentos , carrying out one or more “kilo operations” every year. Our goal is to collect non-perishable food that is distributed among charities dedicated to the assistance and direct care of people in need within our community.


Montessori Village schools that have their own kitchen have a sustainable menu where there is little or no presence of processed foods and meats. We encourage the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables and, if possible, of local production.

We collaborate with public water management entities. The objective is to raise awareness of the care and good use of water, avoiding waste and knowing ways to save and recycle it sustainably, for example to irrigate our school garden.

The reduction of plastic in our environment is another of our environmental actions. We avoid as far as possible plastic inside our schools, where our furniture and materials are of natural origin, preferably wood. Likewise, we have recycling containers for plastic and paper in all our spaces.

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