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Montessori pedagogy

In our schools we are based on Montessori pedagogy, an educational method that promotes in the child the capacity for choice, self-learning, freedom, autonomy and self-criticism. These are indispensable tools for their future in society as autonomous human beings, with self-esteem and capable of making decisions.

Some of our centers develop an active pedagogy, such as our Pangea schools, which are nourished in part by the Montessori method but also by the particularities of this way of understanding learning.

The Montessori method is a pedagogical method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori based on 50 years of observation of children’s behavior in the classroom.

Her method, known and used internationally, is aimed at the development of the child’s potential. Its objective lies in the human being’s own motivation to learn, as well as in the desire to do things by oneself in a spontaneous way.

"Teach me to do it myself"

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