Infant Community environment allows children between 15 months to approximately 3 years of age, a path that invites exploration, in a world created especially for them.

In this environment of order and simplicity, every detail is taken care of to satisfy the rhythm of the child’s learning. The lights and sounds, the height of the furniture, the size of the chairs, the routine of the day to day, has been carefully planned to meet the needs of the children, while strengthening their sense of self-esteem and optimal development.

Our Infant Community Program provides a safe and educational environment, which allows children’s freedom of movement and child-directed learning.

Infant Community environments are simple and transmit peace. The furniture is made to measure for the children thus facilitating the independence of the children. The materials are specifically structured to meet the needs of children of this age, these activities possess and facilitate a real purpose that helps the understanding of their environment.
The purpose of this Montessori environment is to develop its language and the acquisition of habits for independence and social interactions.