Our values, your values

It is good to have a great CV, but we look for real values, behaviors and abilities.

We are interested in things that can not be learned, that we simply you have.


  • Responsible in my job
  • Responsible with my colleagues
  • Responsible with my superiors
  • Responsible for children under my charge
  • Responsible for communication with families
  • Responsible with my environment
  • Responsible for the environment and sustainability


  • Because nobody was born knowing …
  • I am aware of my shortcomings
  • I am aware of my failures
  • I am aware of the faults of my colleagues
  • I am aware that I still have a lot to learn
  • I am aware that every day I learn something new


  • Confidence in yourself
  • I trust this project
  • I trust my colleagues
  • I trust the families that accompany us
  • I trust children in a pure way every day


  • Professionalism to recognize my mistakes
  • Professionalism to accept a criticism
  • Professionalism when accepting help
  • Professionalism to continue training
  • Professionalism to be honest without hurting
  • Professionalism to make me the best educator even when circumstances are not ideal.


  • Ability to adapt to change
  • Fast and creative ideas for imminent solutions
  • Teamwork, we all count
  • Active listening