Our programs


From 0 to 18 months

Nido is a beautiful space, full of peace and calm where babies can explore and feel safe. The guides speak in low tones, the daily rhythm is unhurried and is set by the child as we want to offer a second home to the little ones.

Each child in our environment is treated with affection and respect and as usual in Montessori environments, every detail is selected taking into account their development.

Our prepared environments have materials and activities appropriate for infants. Because in Montessori we “follow the child”, we offer a variety of corners in which children can explore based on their curiosity and mobility, not just their age.

Infant Community

From 18 to 36 months

Our Infant Community program provides children from approximately 18 months to 3 years of age with a path that invites exploration in a world created especially for them.

In this environment of order and simplicity, every detail is taken care of to meet the child’s learning pace. The lights and sounds, the height of the furniture, the size of the chairs, the day-to-day routine, has been carefully planned to meet the needs of the children, while strengthening their sense of self-esteem and optimal development.

Our Infant Community Program provides the child with a safe and nurturing environment, allowing children freedom of movement and interest-directed learning.

Children´s House

From 3 to 6 years old

It is a space adapted to all their needs for development and growth, accompanied by a certified Montessori Guide and an assistant who will accompany them during their learning all these years.

In this environment, the mix of ages is very important. Teamwork is evident when the older children help and teach the younger ones who, absorbed and observant, learn every movement of their companions.

At all times the children are free to work with whatever materials they wish. Each morning they go to the area that most appeals to them, where they learn to use the materials under the guidance of the teacher.

Montessori Starters

Workshop for families

The Starters program is an introductory program where children become familiar with the Montessori environment in the company of a Montessori Guide. It is perfect for all those families who wish to learn the method and have a more gradual start to school.

This program is offered continuously and weekly in the afternoon for one day a week, with a format of 8 sessions.

In our Nido and Infant community environments, the families accompany the child during this process of discovery, making them participate in these important moments, working mainly on observation and offering small guidelines for action.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp at Montessori Village is aimed at children who want to have fun and learn in a respectful environment during the summer.

Children are welcome to our center where we will carry out different activities and workshops to awaken the creativity, curiosity and desire to learn that every child carries inside.

Our activities will be organized in mixed age groups, with a bilingual environment and under the principles of the Montessori philosophy.

Montessori, ecology, English, workshops and excursions with a different proposal where values and respect for the child prevail above all else.