Nido is a beautiful space, full of peace and calm where babies can explore and feel safe. The guides speak in low tone, the daily rhythm is unhurried and marks the child we already want to offer as a second home to the little ones.

Each child in our environment is treated with affection and respect and as is usual in Montessori environments, each detail is selected taking into account its development.

Our prepared environments have appropriate materials and activities for babies. Because in Montessori “we follow the child”, we offer a variety of corners in which children can explore based on their curiosity and mobility, not only based on their age.

The age range for the Nest program is from 4 months until the child walks in an autonomous and safe way. At that moment you can start your transition to the Children’s Community environment.

There is no established daily routine, since each child is different and we scrupulously respect their rhythms. We provide personalized attention, and that is why our ratio is much lower than that of any traditional nursery school.

The feeding is very important since in this stage the introduction of many new foods takes place. Communication with families is daily and we take into account their needs, suggestions and doubts in any of the food changes that the child will start.

Of course we take into account all kinds of allergies and intolerances in our baby menus.